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27 February's ♥
Sunday, February 27, 2011
Baby! Just another few more days!! Laogong, iloveyou!

14.01.11 ♥
Friday, January 14, 2011
Heyy! It's been since few weeks? Hahahs! Subjects are still okay, can cope, can le. :x Hahahs!
Yvonne, ting wei, baolian, thanks for pei-ing me today! Camp was soso.. Boring ba.. >.<
Perhaps, i needa make new friends.. Though i seem to have lots of friends, but when i need ONE, not a single ONE will be there for me.. Hais.. All i need is ONE with a pair of listening ears..
Dear, 5 months going to 6, and we're going deeper and deeper still! Jiayous! We'll be able to accomplish our dream! :DD



I'm still counting.. ^^
Saturday, November 13, 2010
Hmmm, got back sec 3's 2011 posting results le. Yeahs, got into 3e3'11. Th class look quite dead ehh. :/ Only got gary, zengyong, bernard && baolian lehs. Th rest is got see each other before, but don't know each other de.. -.-
Had kayaking yesterday and today. Hahahs! Had super fun time with my group! And, coach Eugene. Butbutbut, i was th only girl in tht group.. D:
Anyways, hope i passed..

Baby, being with you for more thn 3 months, i really can't bear to lose you. We've been through thick and thin. We've overcome all obstacles together. I believe our love is still as strong as ever. Baby, woaini.

baobei, wo ai ni!!!
Thursday, August 12, 2010
Baobei, i really can't stand any moment without you. Though we're both very stressed up now, i won't ever leave you. I'm serious. Just ignore what they said. As long as you're by my side, everything's seems alright to me. 我爱你. {♥}

♥, Esther

Sunday, July 25, 2010
Hmmm, nothing much to post. Feeling down these days. Outcasted. Yeahs, th feeling suckzxc. Whatever. I just need to carry on with my life. Hope i'll feel better. Yupps, updated. ^^

♥, Esther

P.O.P <:
Saturday, July 17, 2010
Pass.Out.Parade was today.. Okays lurhs. Performance was quite well done. :p Hahahs!!! Thn ate with clique. Bid goodbye thn go find sheena and bao lian at hg mall. c: Thn now i'm at sheena's house. Sleeping-over here. x.x Okays, nothing much. Nights! ^^

tht sweetness in you.. :p
Saturday, July 10, 2010
Heyys, i'm actually doing my homework!!! Hahahs, but i just don't intend to finish it up. :B I've found people who are willing to share woes with me. x.x Hahahs! I wanted to go out to study de, my mummy don't allow.. Cause kor complained tht, everytime i can go out. Hmph! He is just plainly jealous of me!!! >.< Bleahs! :b I'm proud to announce tht, i don't have to go for science remedial! ^^ {Kenn hong, davin, i'm sorry to tell you tht. :o} Hahahs! Going for shooting soon le. Cool! Hahahs! (:

Why do i fall in love with guys so easily, but not hate them easily! Hais.. I really hate this kind of feeling. It suckzxc! I'll try my best to prevent myself from falling for you.. D:

♥, Esther

smiles! c:
Wednesday, July 07, 2010
Hahahs! Studied with friends th past two days. x.x Bleahs. Thn, yeahs.. Lessons per normal lorh. Everything is okay, till now.. On th surface ba..

Hais. I just don't want to get you hurt, okays? Please don't. Just forget bout me. Stop wasting your time. I'm really doing well without relationships.. I don't want to go back onto tht same track.. Please. Forget bout me, delete me from your memory, you'll thank me. I'm serious. I don't want to hurt anymore people.. Please.. )':

♥, Esther

SMiLE, tht's th best cure. :DD
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Okays, bao lian wants me to update.. Changed seats AGAIN. Ohh, whatever lorhs. Nice seats anyways. >.< Thn switched classrooms with 4t1. Need climb tht damn stairs!!! Why us out of so many classes!?!? @.@ Thn yeahs yeahs.. Slacked with zy, maomao, zx and gary. Thn gary today never come school again.. So today slacked with yvonne, baolian, zy, zx and maomao. Damn weird.. "吃大便!!!" Hahahs! :DD
Yeahs.. Tht's all bo
ut it? o.o

i know i'm not tht strong, but i'll try to keep my fragile heart, intact.. ♥


sweets are really sweet! +.+
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
I'm getting so hot-tempered these days. Why?? Hais.. Yeahs, SANA course was today. Met th squad at around 7:30am. Walked there. Yeahs, jagdish created lots of trouble today. Never minds, i dowan to talk bout it. Spike is so unfriendly. Saw gim long and ernest. (: Thn had lots of "fun". ^^ Muahaha! :DD Thn yeahs, lecture.. Test.. Skit play.. Ohh yeahs, i got full marks! >.< Didn't expected cause i wasn't even listening to th lecture. Thn when i just finished th test. Still got time. I wanted to check, but i rested first. Thn got one jie jie who was disturbing tht alvin from anderson, came to take my paper too. She thought i dowan to check, thn she take le.. Thn she keep telling me and alvin, don't so tense. x.x LOL. Thn went compass.. Saw jerry and his friend. Thn mao mao, darrell, zx and i went popular to buy ********.. Yupps, thn went to eat at long john silver. c: Hehehs. Thn saw lim xi, romario and two more montfort guys.. Thn headed home.. Yupps.. Thn mao mao really post my unglam pics on facebook!!! @.@

♥ `Esther

randomzxc! ♥
Friday, June 18, 2010
Hello. Back to post, again. Hmmm, went crabbing and fishing at sembawang yesterday. Yeahs, yesterday was a bad day. My phone couldn't receive any text messages. Th battery sot le. Damn it lorh. Didn't manage to use th phone till today morning. Camped overnight there. Was rotting th whole night with kor and his two friends. Fell asleep at around 4am, but was waken up at 8 plus due to tht damn rainfall. Thn slowly packed up. Homed at around 12 plus. Bathed, watched some cartoon with kor, but slept halfway through. Woke up again, packed my things, thn bused to j8. Brought my phone for servicing. Ohh god damn it siol. Luckily dad gave me a spare phone. Too many texts never reply. They just kept spamming siol. When i on th phone, it just kept vibrating. >.<

Okays, just hope mum will return soon..
Just msn-ed with Jasmine jie.

Jasmine says:
u tue going airport again?

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

Jasmine says:
huh? is monday
i keep thinking is tuesday

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

Jasmine says:
huh? then their japan trip 6days only?

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
yeah lorh.
they cheat money de.

Jasmine says:
poor thing
i tot at least go 10days then shiok la

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
they not tht rich. :x

Jasmine says:
got $$ go jiu rich liao
6days at home sleep la

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

Jasmine says:
eh, those auntie go disney land!
funny bo?!!!

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

Jasmine says:
their Mt fuji cheat one
take bus go up

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

Jasmine says:
must ownself climb then fun ma

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
all old de mah.. x.x

Jasmine says:
thats why cheat

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

Jasmine says:
they should go see sakura
old ppl see sakura can liao la

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

Jasmine says:
sakura pretty hor.

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

Wakaka!!! It was so damn hilarious. Thn msn-ed with zong han too. He also damn random. x.x

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
how you doing? long time no chat

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
you zong han right? o.o

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
yeah -.-

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
you din went for th class outing?

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
im overseas

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
how was the outing

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
you damn random siol!!!

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
hows bowen?
i heard its damn fgay

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
i din go th outing,
bowen is okay..
you in cchs right?

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
my friend said that its not that great as he expected

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
your friend?

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
he's sec 4

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
umms, express?

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
im not that sure
i met him at a party

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
bowen not tht bad lurhs.
thn you lehs, bo gf? x.x

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
dont have, you keen? haha

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
don't believe you bo lorh. >.<

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
uhh just broke up la

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
uh-ohh.. D:
[curious :x]

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
not pretty enough, boobs only A

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
ohh my...
you're thinking a little too too far..

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
its never too far

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
got keep in touch with 6b people?

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
you got boyfriend?

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
lols. nope.

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
i got friend, want to intro?
he's in xinmin

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
quite handsome and budff

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
want or not
he dont mind
he siad give email and tlak

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
you match-maker, urhs?

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
no la

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
he's abit lonely
broke up with gf

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
yeah he's my friend

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
console him?

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
yeah lor
but he said he just want to find a new gf

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
woah. tht's fast?

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
no he broke up like 2 years alrd
why? you got suitor?

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
lols.. nothing..

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
ask for what?
tell me la

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
so how
you want t know my xinmin friend
aiya i give you his email now
you add him on msn

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
lazy. :x ask him add ba.

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
eh he doesnt really add people

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:
woah.. like tht lurhs. but my com lagging?

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
and you're his birthday surprise
come on , add him

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
how is computer lagging got to do with adding on msn
because you seem cute enough for him

Esther. Randomzxc. ♥ :b says:

SNSD | Jessica 제시카 says:
k add him

It's like... Ohh my god.. LOL.
Okays, shall end here. Nights!

♥; Esther

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Yeahs, here to just update. Mum went to Japan le. Miss her siol.. D:
Okays, just hope days go pass faster..

How weird can it be, when friends become strangers.. )':

♥, Esther

awesome cousins!!! ^^
Sunday, June 13, 2010
Wahahah! Went marina barrage with cousins yesterday. Went flying kite. Fun siol. Thn ate at ASTONS. Zz.. Queued so long just to eat!?!? Yes. And camwhored. Fun. Marcus damn smart siol. 5 years old only, can take cool pics. >.<
Okays, i finally updated siol. Hahahs. Tomorrow p.o.p training. Hope it'll be better. (:

My cough and flu just won't subside. Fxck lurhs. Damn it. -'-


fever, flu & cough!?!?
Wednesday, June 09, 2010
What th hell?? Getting all sorts of illness! I hate it siol.
Yeahs. So sick, and was forced out of house to watch "SHREK" by a bunch of idiots. -.-
Thn p.o.p training is killing me. Damn those smarties man. @.@
Tomorrow, all thanks to my wonderful civil defence course, i can't attend th gathering made for th malaysia trip friends. Yeahs, whatever lorh.
Thn bought stuffs for bbq today after training. Headed to hg mall with farhan, jin yao and zx! Cool siol! Keep talking crapp. Thn zx, farhan and i were like messaging each other when we were right beside each other?? LOL.

Yeahs, i know i can't keep secrets well. But, at least i've not told her. Tht's th best le, okays. Since it's like this, don't trust me anymore lurhs. -'-

Aisyah has left for Japan. D: I'm missing her. )':

Okays, i'm missing my classmates too!!! ^^
Okays, nights readers! (:

♥, Esther

faking a smile, again..?
Friday, May 28, 2010
Heys, my results got 4 "a"s lehs.. Thn 2 "b"s and 1 "c"... But for overall, kenna my CA1 pull down.. Sad lurhs...
Hmmm, gonna pack my luggage le lurhs. But i lazy lehs... Mummy kepp nagging. Say what, always last minute de... Okays okays..

Yesterday, went AMK hub with baolian, him, gary and jesslyn.. Was damn ~~~ Aiyahs, whatever... Thn baolian siao de. Keep pinching people!!! x.x
Tht darn 种子. She keep poisining my parents. Say: "Esther is very demanding, persistent in doing things her way. When she say 1, no one can say 2. She is stubborn too. And lastly, talkative. But, she knows exactly what she wants. She aims high. She knows her parents think highly of her. She knows, she cant disappoint you two. She has improved this term. (only those after th "but" was good things..) "

Ohh, whatever lorh. Thn went kovan to get stuff for malaysia trip and camps.. Waited for mum to come.. I think wait for 1 hour +++ lorh. I just kept walking in circles..
Our class didn't really do th 'use-your-hand' thingy... Cause we slacked. >.<

Now, really really holiday le.. Haiss..
Okays, shall end here.
Won't be posting th next few weeks le.. Busying~~~

♥, Esther

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aisyah, this post is specially for you:

I can fully understand th pressure you're having now. I don't wanna see you like this. Whatever you wish to do, just follow your heart. I'll be behind you, to support you, in case you fall. I'll always be there for you, no matter what. I can sense tht you trust me. Cause whenever you have another problem, you never fail to share with me. I know you're busy, but at least, i know, i stand a place in your heart. Thanks darling. I really feel hurt seeing you like this. You've changed. Tht's a fact, both of us know. However, i still love you as much as before. Feelings never faded. Just tht, i really missed those times with you. We'll be busy again during th holidays. But, rest assured, i'll definitely leave some time out for th two of us. Okays?
ILY LOTS!!! ♥♥♥

♥, Esther

Holidays... D:
Saturday, May 22, 2010
Haiss.. Holidays starting le lehs. What am i gonna do siol? Face th 4 walls for one month!?!? Don't think mummy will let me out frequently. Sad lurhs. D:
Thn my whole holiday is burnt again. (as usual lorh.) First two weeks, 31/05-04/06 >malaysia trip with npcc. 04/06-06/06 >npcc atc camp. 07/06-08/06 >choir camp. 09/06-10/06 >preparation of class bbq. 11/06 >class bbq.
Next two week, almost everyday got cca.
What th hell lurhs. Might as well called th "HOLIDAY FOR CCA". Sian lurhs... I'd rather normal school day.
Thn yesterday's cross country. Walked throughout. (: Damn long lorh. Thn went for dinner with yvonne, baolian and bernard at hg mall. Cabbed there. Thn eat le, went arcade, cause we all dowan go home. :x
Thn i think around 8++ we left ba. Met kor at bus stop. Walked home together.

By th way, for this MYE, i improved!!! Hahahs!!! Weeh~
Mummy can't deny th fact tht i did studied le. ^^

This post quite long le ba.. LOL.
Very long never post so LONG le. -.-

Okays, shall end this long long post ba. >.<

♥, Esther

Thursday, May 20, 2010
Yupps. Got back results ba. I think got 3 distinctions, 3 'b's, 1 c. Damn it!!! My art lurhs. By th way, i passed my standing board jump!!! :DD
Most subjects should be improved. (:
Tomorrow cross-country. Lesson ends at 11am. Cool! ^^

{Hmmm, so, what now? You don't even bother to contact me using any random phones. And what? Hais.. I really dunno lurhs. You don't even seem to care lurhs. Why not say, you don't even understand me. Whatever le lurhs.}

♥, Esther

Saturday, May 15, 2010
Darling wants me to learn how to chill?? I will!!
People, next time i scold vulgarities, please, feel free to slapp me. But this rule only applies to my dear close friends. >.<
Andandand you're th one always forgetting your medicine!!! x.x
JiaHui now my kor le. (:

Got back results for art and science. Not tht satisfied... Sad lo..
Okays. shall end here.

Nights readers.. ^^

♥, Esther

a little something
Heys!!!!Darling must remember to eat medicine hor....hmmm......dun get angry so easily....chill....and ILY!!!!!


Goodbye, see you soon.
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