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Monday, May 18, 2009
A. Anqi <3
1) Do you love this person?
100 % .. YES !!! woaisita .. !!! (:
2) Are you close to her?
sure .. VERY sure ..
3) Is this person taller than you?
hahas .. i ADMIT , im SHORT !!!

B. Bernard (:
1) What do you really think of this person?
l0ls .. a good confidant , indeed . (:
2) What’s his/her favourite color?
erms .. i think i've known him for so long .. but I DUNNO !!! (:
3) Ever danced with them?
NEVER !!! hehe ..

C. Chee Wai
1) Do you like this person?
okkayx larhx .. only tadd he's too NOISY !!!
2) Where did you meet this person?
erms .. he sits just behind miie in th beginnin of th year .. (:
3) How old is him/her?

D. Donovan
1) How long have you known him/her?
erms .. i thinkk 4 mnths +++ ba (:
2) His character being ?
a little too bossy ? l0ls .. im sorry .. (:

E. Edrick
1) Have you met his/her parents?
noo .. i dont really know him well ?
2) Worst thing about this person?
l0ls .. as i said , i dont really know him well ??
3) Best thing about this person?
too CUttE !!! he is FREAK cutte .. but TIMOTHY still th BEST ?!

F. Fiona
1) Have you ever dated this person?
hahas .. i alr hav les partner lerhx .. sorry (:
2) When is the next time you will see him/her?
tuesday !!! (tomorrow) got NPCC tomorrow (:
3) Do you go to school with him/her?
i dont livve tadd near her ??

G. Godwin (:
1) Is he/she a good listener?
erms .. NOT AT ALL !!!
2) Have you ever lied to this person?
dont thinkk so .. (:
3) Is this person nice?
yeah !! 100 % YES !!!

H. Hazmi
1) What year is he/she in?
same year duh .. (:
2) Is he/she your best friend?
good frens ? .. he is a JOKER !!!
3) Ever done something bad with this person?
l0ls .. we badmouth abt our teachers .. (:

I. Ian
1) What is this person’s favourite food?
dunno lehs //
2) How did you meet this person?
through a lesson .. (:
3) Do you trust him/her?
YES !!!

J. Jolene <3
1) Do he/she have any siblings?
yeah .. a irritatin one ..
2) Do you know her favourite song?
not so sure .. psps .
3) What would you do if they confessed they liked you?
l0ls !!! we not les ??

K. Kevin <3
1) How old were you when you first met?
2) How did you meet?
through GODWIN CHOO !!! (:
3) Ever danced with this person?
ewww .. NEVER !!!

L. Leonard
1) What would you do if you had never met this person?
not so sure ..
2) Do you like him/her?
yeah .. as a friend (:
3) Would you go to Disney World with this person?
l0ls .. not so sure ?

M. Melvin
1) Is this person older than you?
dunno .. should be ?
2) Is this person single?
for now , yeah ba ..
3) How many times do you talk to them in a week?
once .. (:

N. Nigel
1) Is this person your boyfriend/girlfriend?
l0ls !! nah ..
2) Have you seen this person cry?
yarhx .. so sad //
3) Do you know this person’s middle name?
ONG ba ..

O. Odelia
1) Are you related?
yeah !!! my good fren !!
2) Could you live with this person?
can ba // she's great !!!
3) Do you believe this person is gay?
nah .. she's a galx .. !!!

P. Pei Yu
1) Have you ever been to the mall with this person?
no lehs .. so sad ..
2) How about a sleepover with her?
l0ls .. if hav chance , of course want larhx !!!
3) Does this person have a job?
No !!! we students nia ..

Q. Qi Qing
1) Does this person drink alcohol?
2) Have you seen this person dance?
l0ls !! never lehs ..
3) Where do they work?
she's a student lehs ..

R. Ryan
1) Have you heard this person sing?
YES !!! we both in choir , he sing very NICEEE !!! (:
2) Do you think this person will repost this?
dunno lehs ..
3) Whats one thing you would change about this person?
stop talkin abt MANGO !!

S. Sheena <3
1) Is this person taller than you?
l0ls .. as i admitted im SHORT !!!
2) Do you enjoy spending time with him/her?
YEAH !!! she freak rawks !!!
3) Do he/she live close to you?
not really lehs ..

T. Tingwei
1) Would you do anything for him/her?
sure !!! (:
2) Have you been to his/her house?
zz .. she live just a block away , but nvr been there .. (:
3) Is this person a dipshit?
NO ? hahas (:

U. -NIL-
1) Is this person in a relationship?
2) Do you know where he/she lives?
3) What colour hair does this person have?

V. ❤VIVIAN !!!
1) Do you see this person alot?
yeah !!! woaisita !!! <3
2) When did you meet her/him?
since 2004 ?
3) Is this person your friend?
nah .. she my LAO GONG !!! <3

W. Wei jie
1) Is this person quiet or loud?
LOUD !!!
2) Name a friend that both of you are close too?
none ??
3) What color eyes does this person have?
l0ls .. nvr had eye contact ..

X. Xue Li
1) Why are you friends with him/her?
coz .. her character rawks ??
2) Have you ever gone anywhere with him/her?
duh .. of course !! (:
3) What is one thing you would change about them?

Y. Yvonne <3
1) Does this person wear make-up?
l0ls .. NAH .. she's not tadd kind .. (:
2) Does this person play any instruments?
ermx .. dont think soo ..
3) What is her favourite topic?
OMG !! it is sth pervert .. i dont thinkk eu wanna know .. (:

1) Does this person have MSN/AIM?
Yeahhs ,bt he's seldom on9 .
2) Ever gone shopping with him/her?
NO ? lol !!!
3) Does this person have any special skills?
Erm..yeahhs ! HORNY skills ! LOL ?!?!

Goodbye, see you soon.
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